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“In what has been your biggest weakness of life for so long, you have finally found your greatest strengths.”


havening PRACTITIONER. Life coach. adoptee.  
CHARITY TRUSTEE. go getter. 


Fran is a Havening Practitioner and Life Coach, who specialises in halting and reversing the long-term psychological and physiological impact of adverse childhood experiences, and diffusing the effects of trauma. Fran’s own life experiences as an adoptee took her on a journey through different types of support, the care and legal system, restorative justice and finally understanding how trauma, even really early life trauma can continue to effect you long after the time passes. Fran now works with others, making it her aim to add value and give others back the choice as to how they wish to live their lives.


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 Sessions can be held at - East Street, Bromley,
or Gosfield Street, London.


17 Gosfield Street


36 East Street


Call 020 3784 0422 or enquire by email.
Please note that access to the clinics is only permitted
with an appointment.