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“In what has been your biggest weakness of life for so long, you have finally found your greatest strengths.”


Life coach. adoptee. writer. speaker. CHARITY TRUSTEE. mother. go getter. 


Fran is a life coach at heart, with specialties in halting adverse childhood experiences, diffusing trauma, traumatic incidents and childhood issues affecting adulthood. Fran discovered her own life story while rummaging through her adopted parents' drawers when she was a teenager. Coming to terms with what she found took her on a journey through ptsd, different types of support, the care, legal system, and restorative justice. Having proven you can turn around even the darkest of circumstances, Fran works with others - be it diffusing trauma, personal development or following dreams, making it her aim to add value to the lives of others. 


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 Sessions can be held in either the Bromley
or Gosfield Street clinic.



Call 020 3784 0422 or enquire by email.
Access to the clinics only permitted with an appointment.