coaching for young people


With the pressures that young people grow up with nowadays, it isn't any wonder they face their own challenges. Subsequently, knowing how to support a young person, finding some support or the right support can be as equally challenging for those around.

Coaching for young people can assist them with:

  • Developing life skills

  • Building confidence, self-esteem & self-worth

  • Managing stress/anxieties

  • Breaking down difficult issues

  • Handling emotions

  • Changing perceptions

  • Setting goals

Coaching can not only provide a safe space for a young person to share, it can also provide support with situations such as: 

  • School life

  • Home life

  • Peers

  • Identity

  • Relationships

  • Pressures and transitions

For more information on how coaching could benefit a young person you know or to book a free introductory session with me, please get in touch.

Please note that Havening is also suitable for young people.